The Smoke Dance is originally a war dance, which is danced by men only.  The Smoke Dance is a recent creation.  While not considered a Earth Song (Social Song), is has recently gained popularity because of  Smoke Dance Contests.  Over the past few decades while putting on "Shows" or exhibitions of Iroquoian Singing and Dancing, some singers sped up the tempo of the old "War Dance "songs to see if the dancers could keep up.  The result is the 'Smoke Dance.  During Smoke Dance Contests, both the new faster and older slower "War Dance" songs are sung for the men's contests while the women dance to faster songs only. 
  • A fish Dance style of dance
  • Sung by a solo singer using only a water drum.  Some singers have choosen to use a skin drum, to give the beat a deeper sound.
  • Men are said to dance with a amount of arrogance & pride, while women dance a more graceful style.
  • The style of dance varies greatly per dancer.