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  • 2 or more singers, usually about 6-10, in the middle, water drum and horn rattles
  • Only women dance this.
  • It is called "New", because this is the Social Dance form and also, these are songs that are newly composed on a continuous basis. There is a bi-annual gathering called "The Sing" held in a rotating basis among the Iroquoian communities with participating Singing Societies.  The attending Singing Societies sing sets of these new songs before gathering for a meeting to report on their activities since the last "Sing".  The "Sings" are usually held in April and November.
  • There is a separate form of the dance that is ceremonial, with songs that are ancient.
  • The two step side shuffle is the step in this. The women's feet shuffle side by side


To hear sample of New Women's Shuffle Dance in MP3 format, click the following:

  Song 1
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