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sahsę:nyah (you) get dressed A
swasę:nyah (you all) get dressed A
jasę:nyah (you two) get dressed A
sadǫtgah (you) get out of the way A
shya:dǫh sä:gwa:hah (you) get the paper A
snegagwa:hah (you) get the water A
satgęhaˀ (you) get up A
dashe:yǫh ęnyoˀtshäˀ give her the gloves A
dashe:yǫh ęnǫheˀtsäˀ give her the hat A
dahehsǫh enyoˀtshäˀ give him the gloves A
dahehsǫh ęnǫheˀtsäˀ give him the hat A
dagne:ganǫ:daˀ give me a drink A
ohnaˀ gravy A
Last updated: Tshaˀ degagęhnháhęh 27, 2021