Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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oy-`ga` waist
wa`j[hya wait
s,n?:na: wait (v.)

Wait for me!

[:jeh wake up (v.)
desaht-hak walk (v.)
gatgw<`da` wallet
deyod}hw<joh/h want (v.)
oda[h,h warm
hadr[:yohs warrior
on/h=`dra` wart
s}ha[h wash
/tg/hs}h-i`ta` washcloth
gan?haihs washing machine
ahsdeh /d?nt_hkwa` washroom
sagya`d}haih Wash you body
gan-hg/tah wasp
snig?ha:k watch (v.)
g_hwihsda`es watch (clock)
onegh-n/hs water
onegan/hs deyod#hw<j/h Water is needed
ony/hsag-hdeh watermelon
dey/hnegad-:se wave (n.)
des,natsa]:ny/h wave (v.)
odo`ta?:ny/` wavy
dwagw=g/h we (all, all of us)
/drihy}hsdahkwa` weapons
sgadr[`y/de:s weasel
ahs<had/nt Wednesday
ha`deyaw,n}hgr-:ge:   weeds
,ya/dadog<the` week
don[y]:sde` weight
g_hn=:gohs   welding office
tonad,ni:d</h   welfare office
heg-hgw,`s west
on-`naw,: wet
,jidwadr]:he` We will be meeting again.
,dw-dr}he:` We will gather.(meet)
,digy?:ni` We will make it up
gw= oyanragy=` g<h Well, is it coming nicely?
wa:`gy<h desw,:nad=:nih well, then translate (change the words)
ohn-wao:t   well (yard)
agadaga[:de`   well (I am)

Well, well

heg-hkw<`s gwadih h-`ge` Westward I am going.
d,h]:d,` what
d,ho`d<` nis-gy+ha`

What are you doing?

d,ho`d<`w+hnihsra:d=` w-`ne`

What day is today?


What does she mean?

d,ho`d<` wad?h n,gy,h gay-#hsra`

What does this paper say?

d,ho`d<` [hse:

What do you want?


What is your price?

d,ho`d<` togy,h

What is that?


What is the date?

d,ho`d<`w+hn[`da de`

What is the month?


What is the price?

do ni yohs=:d,h

What is the size?

d,ho`d<` n<gy,h

What is this?


What keeps us alive.

doni:yohw{hs d-`e

What time is it?


what we are


what we look like

d,ho`d<` <:gi`

What will I say?

d,ho`d<`n,dw-: gye`

What will we do?

d,ho`d<` ihs=: -:se:k

What would you like to eat?

d,ho`d<`[hs=: asadek?:ni`

What would you like to eat?
on-:ja` wheat
w,hn[hsga` wheel
sg-:t w`,nihsga?:t en<hgwita`   wheel barrow
hw<d/h when


When was that?

hw,d?h h,hg-he:`

When will it be the time?

hw,d?h net]h h<kne`

When will we go there?



ga< h-`se`

Where are you going?

ga,hn<` saw,hsh/`/h

Where are your things? (books, clothes)

ga< n/d-:we:`

Where did it come from?

ga< hehs-gy/

Where did you put it?

ga< he`s-:di`

Where did you throw it?

ga< h/w<h niga:y<` ag=tgw,da`

Where is my purse?


Where is it?

ga,n[:ga:` which
oh?:da`   whip
g<:`g, white
hahny/:`/h white (male)
gaj]`dag,t whitefish
s?n/ht who

s/n?ht ,t?w_hn/`

Who is coming to get him?

s/:n=:` t]gy,h

Who is that person?

s/n?ht d,j/dahdin/`

Who will come and get her?
d<`ne:`   why

d,n[yoht swatg,n{hs`/h

Why the meeting?
oh=:tsai:   wieners (bologna)
/tn/hah-hkwa`   wig (female)

as?h g<h ,hsg=:go`

Will I pick more? ( I like picking berries)

degaw,na`d{h=` g<hwa`

Will it be unanimous this time?


Will it do?
os=hda`   willow

,hsgy,naw-`s g<h

Will you help me?

,srihsd-: g<h

Will you iron it?

,sat/:d-t g<h ,hsg[dr}hna`

Will you take me there?
gawaow-:n,h   wind (big)
ow-:no:   wind (cold)
gawa`sh-:sde`   wind (strong)
on/hsag-h,t window
on/hsagah<t ehsih-/:kwa`   window blind
ohsohgwi:y]`s on/hsagah<:d/`   windows (stained glass)
ow-:de` windy
g}hsr=hneh wintertime
gw<`k}hny,`   wipoorwill
g]tg/` witch
degah,hj[`ta/h witch
g_`ahdr?:nih   witch hazel


eg<hjih   woman (old)
ag/gwed-:se:`   woman (young)


Wondering, how large
oy<:da`   wood


  wood (kindling)
k-:g/:   woods (in the)
oy,:d-` gan/hsadaih-`tra:   woodstove
oy,:da` wad?:twahs   woodstove
deyodina`ga/:d?` oh<hda:`   wool
ow<na` word
gaiho`d<hsra` work
/driho`da:st-` ahgw,:nya`   workclothes
oji`n/wa`sh?:`/h worms
asat/d-:t g<h asgyadag,nha` Would you give me aid? (help)
d+h,nada:gy=:nahs   wrestling (they male are)
on<tsa` wrist
sy-do: write (v.)
ehy-d#ha`   writer (fem)
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