Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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otg-`de` often
Osw=:g,` Ohsweken
]hna` oil
dew-`ganha`   Ojibwe people
Kanesad-:geh Oka
hao`d[sah okay then, alright
/gwahsots<dak older people (or grandparents)
gayowag-:yoh Old Moccasin dance.
sga:t one
kae:` on it (it is on the chair)
sga:t dew,`ny-we: one hundred
on<yotga:` Oneida People
o`n?hsa` onion
ts/ only (merely, just)
on/dageh]n/` Onondaga People
senhod?goh open (v.)
ojitgw-ji: orange
sigw-naw-dih other side
Sh/gwayadihs/h Our Maker (Creator)
ne`gy<` akigo:w-:n,h our superior
j-:g,h out (v.)
ahsdeh hey<htkwa out house
ahsdeh outside
n,t]hgw-dih over here
dagwad[h <kr,`

Over here I’ll put it.

gw-oh owl (big)
h[hi: owl (small)
Last updated: September 19, 2017