Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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ta`d=:sda:t make it even (v.)
s+hsr?:nih make (v.)
h?gweh male (person)
[:so` many


many things

gahah-:sd/h map
ohw-hda` maple
ohwahda naw<`da` maple candy (sugar)
gan-hgwa` marriage
gony-:g/h married (female)
hony-:g/h married (male)
gag?hsa` mask
gis<hwa` maybe


maybe, if

[:` me
g_h,had:[` meadow
o`w-h/h meat
o`wah/h degahsw-`ne: meat pie
on/hgw-tra` medicine
dej-:dra` meet (v.) (someone)
honatg,n[hs/h meeting (v.)
ohny/sag-hdeh melon
gana`naw<hd/h melted
awa`gran-:w,` melted snow
h,n?:gweh men
ddag[:d,: mercy (to me)
dew-`a/` mesh
tsadew_hs?taih midnight
on?gwa` milk
gan?`gwa`is milkweed
gan[k}ha` mind
ag-:w,h mine
nigaj/du:suh minnow
od/hskw-:`tra` mirror
sag-:dwaht miss (v.)
,`ny]tra` mitt
d<syehs mix


Moccasin Dance
ahtahga?:weh moccasins
gany,`g+h]:n/` Mohawk people
otsisdah/`ji: molasses
aw,d,d-`/h Monday
ohw[hsda` money
gaj[`n/hda:s monkey
w,hni`d-de` month
s/hehk-`w,hni`da` moon
sgany?hsa` moose
enehsdaoha[`d_hkwa mop
`-s/h more
shetj[hah morning
jihsh=tjih morning (this)
o`d-:g,:nt mortar
og?h,h mosquito


(the) most (most important all by itself)
kn]:ha` mother
kn]`s,h mother’s brother
kn]h-`ah mother’s sister
gahsd,ho:wa:n,`s on/hta/ny/` mountain
jin]:w, mouse
og/hstw<`,` moustache
sehs-hka,nt mouth
sigwas-trihs move over


Move yourself away.

gaya:`ta` movie
[:so` much

tr=hs g-n/:`

much too expensive

]`da:` mud
ga<:na` music
/dr,:nod-hkwa` musical instrument
ojo`dag]:wah muskie (fish)
te-:/t muskrat
_________ gy-:s/h   my name is ________
[:` myself
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