Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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h-hto:` Jack Frost
agyadaw[`tra` jacket
gaya`dag]:wah January
gats=:da` jar
oyo`tsa` jaw
hohk-h,: jealous (male)
/nh-hdo:t joint (tree knot)
dehayadow=hta` judge
k_hneg?:ni: juice
des,n-hsgwak jump (v.)
ni:y?hah Just a little something
wah=hjo: just awhile ago
a:we:d-h -g,` Just pretend.
wa`j[h ts/ Just wait!
wa`jihy-: i:w[ =:kne:` Just wait, I want to go with you.
ga,d[`gw-hs n/d-hse:` Just where are you coming from?
Last updated: September 17, 2017