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I acknowledge you.

ga:t?: h<`ni:` I also am lying down.
gets-hnihs I am afraid of it.

I am full. (from eating)


I am getting dressed, I'm making myself something.

ha`ge`   I am going there
Ganadag?: ha`ge`   I am going to town
agatg<hs=he` I am going there to view.
n/d-:ge:`   I came from there
g+hswah<hs ni` I hate it!

I am hungry.

gatg<`she I am looking at it.
t,`deagada`ga[:de` I am not feeling well.
dog<hs agato:w-hsta` I am really cold.
gad=h,hs I am shy.

I am sleepy.


I am thirsty.

`ahtriht I broke it.
d/dagad?:goht I came back that way?
ow[:dra` ice
dehadijihw_`ehs ]widrageh ice hockey
gawidran[yo:t icicle
-hi:` idea
ne`nya/h<`,h ideal
t,`deag,n?hd/` I don't know
t,`deakni:g/ha,d-`s wa`h=h gadweway<:sta` I don't know, I am learning.
t,`deknohwe`s I don't like it. (the looks)
t,` dea:g=ga`s I don't like the taste.
t<`dewi net]h h-:ge:` I don't want to go there.
gy<gwa` if
/g-hdr/k I got scared!
agehts-hnik I got scared of it.
ag-dats,hs I got tired.
aknohaih?hn/k I had gone to do the wash.
[:`ag,n}hd/` I know

I like her


I like him.

kn}hw=`s I like it.
ken/hw=`s togy<h ag?:gweh I like that lady.
hen/hwe`s togy<h h/gyeh I like that man

I like the looks of it.

san/kd-:nih ill (v.)
g/nd-gy,` immediately
oihow-:n,h important
[:wa:t in
sw,y?hga:t inch
/gweh?:weh Indian People
oy,`gwa?;weh Indian tobacco
dewagadahw,j?nih I need
sewa:?da: inflate (v.).
g,nihnadok-` a:y<` te`gw-hs desadaga=de` I noticed that you're not feeling well.
on<h n[` ,gad<:di` I now will be going. (on my way)
oj[`nu:wa` insect
aseyehs-d_tn/` insult (to her)
oy?:wa` intestines
otow`egeh]:n/` Inuit People
sagadatrew-ht agriwan=`ag/h I repent my sins.
ga<:sda` iron (metal)
hahny/`shr-ge: tsgwahs iron worker
ha`gadrihwany=ht I send the news
on,h g<h ]:wi: Is it cooked?

Is it expensive?

odeway,n=had`/ g<h Is it finished?
awa:do`ga? [:s das,ny-:,` Is it possible for you to handle it?
ohw=hno` island
,h<`,:` isn’t it
gaj,h[:yo g<h Is the fire burning good?
as?h g<h g-:y,` Is there more?
ga:y<` g<h Is there some?
gahneg/n[ g<h jihs/:d-hk Is the strawberry juice made?
dog<hs se`gy<?`/h I suppose it is true.
Haw,n_hitg,: Italian
a:y<:` ts/:   It does seem that way
[:s g<:s gwahs It is always you.
w@hnihsr[:yo:   It is a nice day
ohj[`gre` g,h   It is cloudy?
ot]:we`   it is cold
wade`dri:y]: -:sehs It is compatible for you to use.

It is expensive

g-:y,` It is on the ground. (floor)

It is reasonable (cheap)

/g-:di` I threw it away. (I left it)
i:` agaw<h i:` =igehs It is mine. (I willuse it)
ao:ga`t ne` It is rough.
]hdr/ht It is scary
dawod]kd,` It is short. (not enough)
on?hgwija` It is soaking wet.
dog,hs It is true
dog,hs <:` It is true, isn't it?
on=:n/`   It is warm (hot)
ona`n-:we It is wet
osd-/:   It looks like rain
o`gr]/:   It looks like snow

It’s comfortable.

-:y,:`   It seems
oga`/hn=`togy<h asehsr/:ni` It was good what you had made.
oyrarektogy<h asehsr/:ni` It was nice what you had made.
,san=:y/` It will heal. (soothe you)
,yosd-/di`   It will rain
,yo` gr?:di`   It will snow
dewagad/hw,j/:nih I want
I:wi ag/yah/:d?` ska/`d<`,h I want to ask you something.
as?h i:w[ h<hs g=:go` I want to go get more.
ahekts-hnik I was afraid of her.
ag-d+h,h I was embarrassed
,ga:t?:`hya I will lie down awhile
as?h ,gehsr?:ni` I will make more.
,key}hwa: tahs I will show her
,heh]:wi` I will tell her.
,keh]:wi` I will tell him.
,goh]:wi` I will tell you.
h,g/hyad?hahs I will write to you
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