Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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aw,he`g]:wah eagle
gaw-hsha` earring
oh/da` ears
deyen`h?hso`s Easter
gagw[tg<`s gwadih h=`ge` east side I am going
sadek?:nih eat (meal)
[:se:k eat (something)
,sehs-:` w-`ne:   eat all of your lunch today
,sehs-` d< asadadr-gwahs   eat what you take
g?deh eel
onh?has` egg
gy/hs-`geh elbow (v.)
ohs/w_hdadai:h<: hahs/w-hd-:da:s   electrician
g_h?:ga:` elm
egohgo:w-hneh England
hahny?`/h Englishman
agansod-:I` epidemic
sr-:ge: erase
eyagew-hta` eraser
se:ny-:g,h escape
ow,jag-ny/hneh Europe
og-:s`ah evening
swagweg?h h,hswaya<h,   everybody carry a bag
gw=:g/h everything
d,sad-d/` exchange
og-ha` eye
oga`gw_o:s-`geh eyebrow
ogah=had` eyelash
Last updated: September 16, 2017