have it with you?
Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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dew-h/hde:s deer
ts-ganha` Delaware people
gan=hw`_e:` Delaware Skin Dance (aka Stick Dance)
ase:ts-,` g<h Did you find it?
aseway,n<da` g<h Did you finish?
asadats<hs g<h Did you get tired?
ahsrihw_h?:k g<h Did you hear?
as[hsa:k g<h Did you look for it?
`ahsr[h g<h Did you spill it?
asadeny,:d=` g<h Did you try it?
ahsya:d/` g<h Did you write it down?
oy`ajih]:n/` Different Indian people
s_hwihsdaga`d=` g<h Do you have a lot of money?
san/hgwadr-,` g<h Do you have medicine?
des,`ny?: g<h Do you have a mitt on?
s_hwihsda<` g<h Do you have money?
sh-:wi` g<h Do you have it with you?
sewaih?h g<h asyahd-:s Do you know how to draw?
s<nohd/` g<h d,ho:d<` dewagadah w,j]:nih Do you know what I need?
ahgw[h d<hsriht Don't break it.
ahgw[hne` Don't do that.
ahgw[h ,s-`s,ht Don't drop it
ahgw[h ,sa`nig/h<h saw,hsh?`/h Don't forget your belongings.
ahgw[h,tsa: dw-ht Don't miss it.
ahgw[h h<hsye Don't touch it?
sanig#ha<da`s g<h Do you understand?
snegy=hah (you) drnk it
tw<tw<tg-ha:` Duck Dance
heyagoged_hkwa` (the) dump