Cayuga words/phrases starting with
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,wa]`g<h dajih-h d,g/`ni goh-:,` Can I bother you for a little while?
awad/ga? =:kne:` Can it be I will go with you?
,segwen[` g<h i:s ,seway<:n<:da` Can you finish it?
gayog}h]:n/` Cayuga People
satga]:d,h Charge it!
oyadag=ha:` Cherokee Dance
oyad`ageh]:n/` Cherokee People
dakshae` dohsg=ha:` Chicken Dance
hahs,now-:n,h Chief
  hoy-:neh Chief
o`sya:d=:ny/` clans
otoweg=ha:` Cold Dance
(Northern Dance / Dance of the North)
gaj[h Come here.
d-:j/h Come in.
ha]`,dwa/d-:t gahs[hgai` Come on, let's blow this joint.
ha]`sigwad[h ha`s-drihs Come on, you move over that way.
ha]`dagwad[h s-drihs Come on, you nore over this way.
ga]`d=hswe Come over here, all of you.